Services of our company

Service that Dragon Housing is confident

Has the largest number of properties in Ho Chi Minh City

Since it was founded in 2008, it owns the largest number of properties. With many years of experience, we can introduce properties not only by number but also by more favorable conditions.

A long-established Japanese real estate founded in 2008

Opened sales offices in Ho Chi Minh City, which is the center of the economy from 2008, and Hanoi, which is the center of politics, from 2013. We can also help you find a room between the two cities.

Guide the property with a private car to guide the property

We will guide you through the property with our customer car. Since it is a driver dedicated to property guide, it is possible to efficiently visit many properties in a short time.

No brokerage or renewal fees

We do not charge any key money, brokerage fees, or renewal fees from our customers.

Japanese staff will guide you

Customers who can only speak Japanese are also safe. Japanese staff will support everything from property guide to contracts.

After-sales service after moving in

Properties in Vietnam tend to have some trouble after moving in. After moving in, we will support you until you move out.

We are confident in the negotiations.

Founded in 2008, we are the first existing Japanese real estate agent to open sales offices in both the two largest cities of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. We have a lot of Japanese staff who are fluent in Vietnamese, so negotiations can be done directly and it is very smooth. Also, there are many cases where it is cheaper to rent the same property at our company. Due to the history of our company, there are many cases where the property owner asks for mediation, so we are often offered a favorable price.

Lots of options

Our customers are limited to excellent vendors based on our many years of experience in providing services necessary for Japanese customers to live in Vietnam, such as International TV programs, cleaning and maid services, water purifiers, washlet installation, and moving. We will introduce you to the lowest price.