Features of rental properties in Ho Chi Minh


Here, we will introduce terms related to real estate that you do not often hear and the characteristics of Vietnamese rental properties that you should know before looking for a room.
We have summarized the characteristics of rental properties, so please refer to them when choosing a property.

About room facilities

Floor plan, size

Most of the rental properties for foreigners in Vietnam are about 40m2 to 150m2. However, the floor plans and storage spaces are not functional like Japanese properties, and there are many properties where the living room is unusually large and “Why is there a pillar in such a place?” When looking for a property, it is necessary to emphasize ease of use rather than space. It is also important to have an appropriate size that suits you. The larger the property, the more comfortable and spacious it is, but in Ho Chi Minh, where the temperature is high all year round, the electricity bill will be higher.

Fully equipped with furniture and electrical appliances

In Japan, it is common to arrange furniture and electrical appliances by yourself, but in Vietnam, most of the properties are equipped with furniture such as TVs, sofas and tables, and home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and microwave ovens. When choosing a property, it is important to check the condition, such as what kind of electrical appliances and furniture are already installed, and whether they are broken.

Internet and WIFI environment

Please be assured that there are no properties in Vietnam that do not have an internet and WIFI environment. The property owner will make a contract if the contract has expired or if it is a new construction and has not yet been contracted. There are almost no cases where the rented customer contracts.

There are many defects

Compared to Japanese properties, Vietnamese properties have a lot more problems. There are many problems that cannot be seen in Japan, such as water leaking from the ceiling and water leaking from the air conditioner. Also, unlike Japan, in Ho Chi Minh, where half of the year is the rainy season, there is a problem of leaks if the doors and windows are not properly built. What is important here is the response of the staff on the property side. If the property is well-managed, a repair person will be stationed there, and if there is a problem, it will respond immediately. However, if the property is poorly managed, there may be things that are unthinkable in Japan, such as the engineer not coming at that time even if promised, and the repairs being rough and eventually breaking again.


Many properties have security guards on duty 24 hours a day, but the quality and number of people depends on the property. Also, be aware that there are some properties that are poorly managed, such as the auto lock on the entrance door being out of order. However, most of the people who were actually victims of thieves are thought to be internal crimes. There are many crimes committed by maids, security guards, and workers, so it is important for you to be careful about putting valuables in a safe (safety box) on a daily basis. In serviced apartments where room cleaners enter, cash that is not in the safe can be stolen.

Ants, cockroaches, insects

Pests such as ants and cockroaches are constantly present in tropical Ho Chi Minh. Since ants invade from the outside, it is necessary to be careful on a daily basis, such as not leaving sweets on the table. It is also important to select a well-managed property that regularly performs pest control.

Drinking water / water server

Vietnam’s tap water is not suitable for drinking as it is. Therefore, mineral water or drinking water is sold as drinking water. Drinking water is mineral-free drinking water.
Some people will deliver a 19-20L drinking water tank or attach a water purifier.


In Vietnam, it is basic to take a shower. There are quite a few properties with bathtubs, but the rent is higher.


Most local and international channels are available on cable TV. Customers who want to watch Japanese TV can rent dedicated equipment to watch Japanese channels.

About shared facilities

Swimming Pool

Alomost apartments and luxury serviced apartments have a pool. There is a shallow pool for children, and some properties have a jacuzzi function. The pool will be used frequently in households with children. Residents often call a coach to the pool of the property to teach them. On the contrary, if you are a single person, even if you think that it is hot at first and you will swim on a day off, it will not be used in the end, so it may be better to look for a property without being too particular about it.


The size and type of equipment vary depending on the apartment, but in luxury condominiums and luxury serviced apartments, it is attached to every property. However, please note that there may be a charge. Basically, it cannot be used only by children. Most people only use treadmills, so if you don’t pay attention to the scale and equipment, you will have more choices of properties.

Children’s playground

Children’s playgrounds are often a key point for those who come to Vietnam with their families. Some properties have a large garden like a park, while others have nothing at all. For families with babies and preschoolers, properties with air-conditioned kids rooms are popular. It is not a living environment where children go out to play away from the property, so if there is a playground of a certain size in the property, it is easy to make friends and it can be said that it is a good property for children.


The following facilities are not many, but there are some properties that are sometimes attached to the building.

Sauna, tennis court, kids space, multipurpose room, meeting room.

About the contract

Security deposit

It is called a deposit, and you usually have to deposit one or two months’ rent.
After the contract period expires, the deposit will be refunded in full if there is no damage or defect in the room or equipment.

key money

Vietnam does not have a key money system like Japan does.


We usually pay in advance for 1-2 months.

Contract period

Apartment contracts are usually one year. A short term is possible in a serviced apartment, but please note that it may affect the rent.