Transportation in HCM city

Since it is easy for Japanese people to use, we will introduce the main transportation methods in Ho Chi Minh that we often use. As of 2022, there are no trains or subways available for traveling around the city in Ho Chi Minh City.




It is convenient for daily life because it is cheaper than Japan. However, use either the MAILINH taxi or the VINASUN taxi. Other taxi companies often have some trouble. However, please be aware that there are also fake products that resemble the car body and logo of these two companies. There are many drivers with bad etiquette, such as the driver not pressing the meter when riding, so you need to be careful when riding.

GRAB taxi & motorcycle

Grab Taxi is a transportation service that you can use by registering an application called “Grab”. Grab taxi will automatically display the fare once you enter your destination. All you have to do is board the taxi that came and pay the fare when you arrive! If you register your credit card and enter, you can skip the payment procedure.
You don’t have to talk to the driver, “Where do you want to go?” Or “How much does it cost?”
The fare is about 2/3 of a taxi. However, please note that it may be higher than a taxi depending on the congestion situation.