Property type information (merits and demerits)


What is a serviced apartment?  What is a condominium?

Properties in Vietnam include apartments (condominiums), serviced apartments, and detached houses (villas). Here, we will introduce apartments (condominiums) and serviced apartments that are generally used as residences for foreign expatriates.

What is an apartment (condo)?

It is a property owned by an individual owner for each room, like a condominium in Japan.
Because each room is owned by a different owner, even within the same building, each room has a different interior design.
Since the rooms are designed according to the owner’s tastes, there may be rooms with eccentric colored walls, Chinese interiors, or rooms with palace-like designs. However, if you can find a room that suits your taste, it may be advantageous. Many condominiums are reasonably priced for their age and size, but you have to be careful in terms of management. Of course, if you find a good owner, you may be more comfortable than living in an apartment.

Condominium [Benefits]

Rent is cheaper than serviced apartments of the same class.
Electricity and water bills are billed directly by the electric power and water companies, so they are cheaper than serviced apartments.
Rooms are larger than serviced apartments with similar rents.

Condominium [Disadvantages]

In the event of a problem, the owner responds individually, and depending on the owner, the response may be very slow and you may feel stressed.
Repair costs may also be your responsibility.
Monthly invoices are often not issued.
Maintenance such as pest control (extermination of pests), refilling air conditioner gas, and changing light bulbs are basically paid by yourself.
There is also a problem that the room is checked in detail when moving out and the deposit is not returned in full. For better or worse, it depends on the property owner.


What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments are apartments where maid service (cleaning and bed making) is provided in addition to furniture and home appliances.
I think it’s easy to imagine a hotel full of furniture and cooking utensils.
Maid service is provided, so it is recommended for single people who don’t like cleaning.
Serviced apartments are characterized by good management and few troubles from moving in to moving out.
Home appliances such as washing machines, televisions, and hair dryers, as well as bedding, linens, tableware, cooking utensils, etc… are all available,
so you can start living right away.
Rents are higher than condominiums and apartments of the same class, but depending on the season, there are promotional prices, so you may be able to find a good deal.
This is a popular property type especially for those who are going to live alone without any trouble and can live immediately with peace of mind.

Serviced apartment [Benefits]

Staff are always on hand at the reception, so you can feel at ease even in the event of trouble.
In addition to furniture, cooking utensils and bedding are also available, so you can start living right away from the day you move in with just one suitcase.
Maid service (room cleaning and linen change) is included in the rent. Laundry is included depending on the property.
Electricity, water, and internet bills are often included in the rent.

Serviced Apartments [Disadvantages]


The maid will come to clean the room when you are away, so you need to be careful about managing your valuables and cash.
Sometimes it’s attached to a hotel, which can make you feel uncomfortable
Cheap properties may not have a washing machine in the room.
If you pay the electricity bill separately, the unit price of the electricity bill is high.