Những điểm chính để tìm căn hộ ở Việt Nam

Key points for finding a property in Vietnam

Due to differences in environment and culture, there are some major differences between Japan and Vietnam when searching for properties.
We will omit the explanation of matters that are applicable even when searching for a room in Japan, and will explain the cases peculiar to Vietnam.
Even if you don’t care about it in Japan, it is a point when choosing a property that you should care about because it is Vietnam.


Screen door

Vietnamese properties basically do not have screen doors. It is possible to attach it later depending on the property, but I think it is better not to open the window due to the problem of air pollution.



West-facing properties with strong sunlight should be checked for blackout curtains. Without a blackout curtain, the heat efficiency is poor and the room tends to get hot in direct sunlight, so it takes more time to turn on the air conditioner and the electricity bill increases.


In-room safe (safety box)

We recommend that you keep your valuables in the safe. Don’t forget to check the size of the safe and whether it is fully equipped with the latest ones. However, there are some that are just placed, so you should check if they are firmly fixed. If the room doesn’t have a safe, you can buy a small one like the one in a hotel for around 1,500,000 VND.



The presence or absence of a balcony and the size of the balcony also differ depending on the property. If you put a table or chair in the property with a good view and a large balcony, it will be a relaxing place and it is ideal for a change of mood. If you have small children, you need to pay attention to the height of the balcony wall and whether there is an outdoor unit that is high enough for children to rest on. In Vietnam, there are many cases where children fall from the balcony.


Room orientation

Sunny orientation is popular in Japan, but it should be noted that sunny weather is very hot in Ho Chi Minh City in the everlasting summer. We do not recommend rooms facing west because the sun is very strong. The north facing room is the coolest. There are properties under construction everywhere in Vietnam. If it is nearby, you should be careful about noise and dust damage depending on the orientation.



There are mosquitoes all year round in Vietnam. There is no property that is absolutely free of mosquitoes, but it seems that it is difficult to climb up to the higher floors above the 10th floor. However, it cannot be said that it will not come out completely because it may invade by getting on the elevator. Please be aware that some dengue fever is transmitted by mosquitoes.


Flooding in the rainy season

Vietnam has a rainy season (November-March) and a dry season (April-October) instead of the four seasons in Japan.

The 2nd district of Ho Chi Minh City, BINH THANH district, was originally created by reclaiming swamps, and the land is low, and because it is close to the river, there are areas where it is easy to flood. However, even if it is flooded, not only the room but also the lobby will not be flooded.  Due to the heavy rainfall in Vietnam in a short period of time, it is often the case that roads are flooded and water levels reach the ankles in some places. In areas with poor drainage and frequent flooding, roads can look like rivers and can even submerge below the knees.



Is the water pressure sufficient?

Check if the water pressure around the water is sufficient. Especially on the upper floors of high-rise buildings, the water pressure tends to be weak. If the water pressure is weak, the water pressure will increase if you request it.  Some properties can be adjusted.



Does the Japanese school bus stop at the apartment?

If you live with a child who attends a Japanese school, choose a property where the Japanese school bus stops. There is an idea that a Japanese school should be next to or near, but it is very difficult to send and receive children in Vietnam where it rains a lot. Ideally, the bus will come to your place of residence.


Vietnamese basically do not put hot water in the bathtub. Therefore, the number of properties with bathtubs is limited. Also, there are rare properties like Japan that have a bathtub and a washroom.If you need a bathtub, check it out.



Washing machine

In the case of an apartment (condominium), a washing machine is basically provided.

Most serviced apartments at the middle level do not have a washing machine in the room. In many cases, the apartment will do the laundry for free or for a fee.  Alternatively, some properties have a shared laundry, but it is troublesome to bring the laundry to another floor each time and wait for the laundry to finish, so we recommend the property that is originally equipped with a washing machine. ..

If you want to do your own laundry, please check in advance if there is a washing machine in the room.


Whether pets are allowed

Currently, there are few pet-friendly rental properties in Ho Chi Minh City. There are various types of pets, but unlike hamsters and small birds, there are fewer options when looking for a property that allows dogs and cats that cannot be kept in a basket. In the case of a condominium, the owner who owns the room may say NG even if the property itself is OK. Please feel free to contact us as there is little information and it is difficult to find it by yourself.


Whether it is a convenient location for shopping

For us, grocery shopping is a part of our daily lives, so whether or not we live close to a supermarket or shopping center is a very important factor. Some properties have a supermarket on the same site. For families with small children, it is very convenient to have a supermarket within walking distance for families with children.


Is there a hospital nearby?

Illness is the most troublesome thing in living abroad, which I am not used to. Especially for those who have a chronic illness and need to go to the hospital or for families with small children who are liable to get sick, the point is whether there is a hospital that can speak Japanese within walking distance.


Internet / WIFI environment

Check when you look inside the room to see if the speed is slow. In particular, be aware that the same line may be shared on the same floor.